Industries We Serve With Excellence

Medical Facilities

From hospitals of all sizes, clinics, medical office buildings, assisted living facilities, and long-term care facilities, Evergreen is the most knowledgeable project management installation services company in the industry. We know and understand how these facilities work and the demands and needs for excellence when working with staff and around patients.  Our professional teams are all highly trained in understanding the different medical environments and how to work around your patients without upsetting them.  We are the ADA experts.

Corporate Facilities

There is nobody better at managing install projects in your corporate office or Class A office building than Evergreen. Our attention to detail on all aspects of the install is unmatched. We take pride in everything we do and professionalism is at the forefront.

Educational Facilities

In upper and lower education, colleges, and universities we are your choice in managing the installation of your new restroom dispensers.  We are the ADA experts and our attention to detail is unmatched.

Industrial and Manufacturing Facilities

Safety First is our goal whenever we step foot on any facility especially industrial and manufacturing. We have completed many industrial and manufacturing facilities including automotive, glass, pulp, flour, candy, corrugated, and snack.  We have had zero safety issues and many rave reviews on our installations.

Retail and Multi-Site Locations

It can be challenging to manage a retail install with many locations but not for Evergreen.  We are the standard and the leader in establishing a Project Management Plan of success for your multi-location install. We have done many national retailers from grocery stores to clothing chains and all ended with a great review. We know and understand the challenges and no project is too big.

Sports Arenas and Convention Centers

We have completed many and quite a few we have already been asked back for additional phases or upgrades.  The statement we hear over and over is, “We only want Evergreen to handle our facility”.  The reason is our Evergreen Team is the most professional.  Our goal is to exceed expectations and never settle for just okay. We are the standard.

Churches and Religious Facilities

Our goal is to set forth a Project Management plan designed to serve your facilities with excellence in all we do and say. You deserve professionalism in your facilities and that is what Evergreen provides.