Services We Provide

Project Management

Evergreen Install Services, LLC was formed to provide Professional Project Management Installation Services for the Manufacturers and Distributors of Paper, Soap, Hand-sanitizer, JanSan Chemical Proportioning Industry, Warewash/Laundry and Division 10 products such as Partitions and Lockers Marketplace. We specialize in, but are not limited to, large installations in Healthcare, Educational, Military, Government, Office, Retail, Sport, Manufacturing, Industrial and the Food Service Facilities. Evergreen seeks to establish lasting relationships with our clients by exceeding their expectations and gaining their trust through exceptional performance by every member of the Evergreen Team.  We serve our clients with Excellence in every aspect of the install process, No exceptions.

Sales Support and Training

Evergreen Install Services has over 30 years of expertise in the area of Client Development, Sales and Sales Training. We know how to turn a customer into a Client. We can help your company and your sales staff grow there market share one client at a time.

Services Provided On Each Install

  1. Complete Project Management Plans for Small to Large and Multiple Install Locations
  2. During each installation Evergreen:
  3. If needed Evergreen will complete site surveys to ensure Fast, Flexible and Effective installs for our clients (additional cost). Standard is a Pre-Install phone questioner
  4. Evergreen will make first contact with the Install Client Site Contact within 24 hours of receiving an Installation PO from our client.
  5. Evergreen performs a Pre-Install Phone Survey questioner with install client contact 1-3 weeks prior to the install to ensure that all products and dispensers will be onsite. Tentatively set install schedule, communicate all info to client.
  6. Follow up call with install client contact the week before install to make sure all product and dispensers are onsite firm up install schedule. We will not schedule install until all dispensers and product are confirmed onsite so to eliminate any down time and additional cost to our client.
  7. Day of install the Evergreen Project Lead meets with site contact to firm up all install process IE: Staging area, Trash, Escort work hours, set training time if needed. Evergreen Office Communicates install start/kick off to client via email.
  8. Daily communication if requested to client and or install client completed areas and any challenges encountered.  Just in time communication of time sensitive challenges to client and or install client for quick resolution so to control any delays or downtime.
  9. Install confirmation sign offs are completed and signed off on by the install client site contact.
  10. Any install change request or out of scope request must be approved and signed off by install site contact before continuing install
  11. IE: Exposed screw holes left, use of double stick tape to hang a dispenser, exposed wall damage from previous dispenser
  12. Install Quality Evaluation is completed for every install by the install client site contact and faxed to office.
  13. Final Install recap is sent out to Client (if requested) outlining all details of the install